Why do not we know what others recommend?

Just Recommendations / Ratings / Reviews

Your reviews / recommendations

So, what do you recommend? As we read a book, an article, or blog post, or even watch a video/movie/TV Show, we certainly felt like sharing our joy (or disappointment) with others. But we do not do it - because there is no platform for it, that is tailor-made.

R3byR2 is tailor-made for that. Getting our recommendations out. At the same time, you will see that all your reviews/ratings are also in one place and easily shareable.

Review / recommend anything

There is so much beyond books - when it comes to reviewing or recommending. What about articles/blogs, videos, movies, so on? On a particular topic, may be a TEDTalk is as recommended as a book. Same with a blog post. Why not be able to see them all together?

R3byR2 is focused on bringing together recommendations of ANY content type. Also, more importantly, we use real identities, so you can verify who is behind a recommendation.

Search quickly, and reliably

Quick - what do members of #TechStars recommend for #startups on the topic of #venture-capital? Or what do experts in #robotics recommend for #image-processing? That is what R3byR2 is all about. Making recommendations / ratings meaningful and appropriate.

R3byR2 is unique - not your typical Amazon/IMDB reviews. We combine verified identities, their backgrounds and metadata of recommended content, so results are trust-worthy and useful.


There is something missing in this world

Where is the collective wisdom?

Many of us get our wisdom through external media - books, articles, videos, so on. But we really do not share a great book. Sometimes, we share great articles - on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. But that sharing gets lost in the sea of others things we (and others) share on those sites. It does not stand out. And when we really need to find out, it is not searchable. The reason - those sites are not made for recommendations.

  • Real identities - so the recommendations can be relied upon
  • Any content - wisdom is not just in books, there are great articles, videos, movies, and quotes too.
  • Use hashtags to catalog the recommendations/ratings - to who is this book going to be useful for, and for what topic or purpose?

Our vision is to surface that wisdom

We have one purpose - to surface wisdom of this world - along with recommendations and ratings. We want to do it in a reliable and trusted manner - thus real identities are critical. We also want to recognize experts, so that others can search easily - for example, "What do experts in AI recommend?".

What we are creating is

  • A site dedicated to sharing recommendations / reviews
  • Make it one place where you can catalog all your book reviews, movie reviews, articles and even documents.
  • Make it easy to find answers to questions like - what books does my network recommend, or experts in a field recommend?

On the flip side, it is fun too

What are your best rated movies? How do you rate the last TV show you watched? Do your friends know what books you recommend? What are your best liked quotes? See, we are missing a place to catalog these. Some of us do this, but on different sites - Netflix/IMDB for videos, Amazon/Goodreads for books. But it is fragmented. And not really surfacing reviews by your friends or people you care about.

R3byR2 is your

  • single place to capture all reviews - for any content type - books, movies/TV Shows, YouTube/Vimeo/TedTalks, articles/blogs, etc.
  • place to find out what your friends, and others you recognize/respect, rate highly or recommend - books, movies, artciles/blogs
  • place that is not cluttered by other things your friends do - like their vacation photos, or dog videos
Browser extensions make it easy to review Amazon books, IMDB Movies, YouTube/TedTalk/Vimeo videos and any web page.