R3byR2 [beta]


...there is no single place to know what great people recommend for others - whether it be books, videos, articles/blogs, or other
...others can benefit a lot from knowing what great people recommend
...IMAGINE how great it will be to be able to see what people like Brad Feld, Paul Graham, Marc Andreessen, and Peter Thiel recommend - all in one place!

Some of whose reommendations you find here...

Any content type

Because anything can be recommended

...books, articles/blogs, videos (movies, YouTube, Vimeo), images, quotes, podcasts...
Some sites are catering to cataloging our books and noting down our rating for those books.
Point #2: There is so much beyond books - when it comes to recommendations, or just plain knowledge/wisdom. Particularly in the electronic world.
IMAGINE: Recommendations or ratings for any type of content!
Any content type
People you trust

Ratings and recommendations

...by people you trust
Quick: where do you check how good a book is? Ha, that was easy - Amazon, duh!
Point #1: Reviews on Amazon are great, BUT you DO NOT KNOW WHO is giving the reviews. Who are they, really? Trusted identities are important.
IMAGINE: Seeing those reviews from people you recognize and/or respect - friends/colleages/experts - with trusted identities
Smart search

Let's make it fun!

Why not get recommendations by location, or expertise, or group, or...
Once we have trusted identities, and their expertise, location, or groups they are associated with, we can do some mix and match, cannot we?
Point #4: We really provide you with a search capability like - what do experts in #startups from #Boulder, CO recommend on #product-market-fit?
IMAGINE: Being able to isolate recommendations based on their location, expertise and groups. A recommendation on #robotics makes sense from a #robotics-expert, not a #startups-expert.
Smart search
Your ratings, in one place

Keep track of what you

...read, watched, rated, or want to read, watch
Since there is no place out there that supports rating of any content
Point #3: This becomes your repository of all your ratings and recommendations
IMAGINE: One place to track everything you read/watched and how you rated them, AND your wishlist too!
Should you join?

You should

...if you want to...
...help others who will benefit from what you have to recommend
...see recommendations from leaders and influencers and follow their activities
...keep track of all your ratings, for any type of content
Should you join?